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Have you spent a great weekend at home with friends and family? For sure your home needs reordering and freshening up. Don't waste your time! Join our weekly program. Your smile will return and your house will sparkle again. Weekly customers have priority in our scheduling.

Weekly Service

You need to have a heavier cleaning done but you also have to manage your time between work, school, gym and taking children to favorite sport. Our biweekly cleaning service is perfect for those who wish to always have the house in great shape

Every Other Week

A thorough service for those who do not reside permanently in their house, because they are traveling, or for those who have the time to keep pace with a regular cleaning. Our monthly cleaning service will ensure that your home is always in excellent condition.

Monthly Service

It's the best time to thoroughly clean your home. The furniture has not been placed yet and our maids have  better access to certain areas that will later become almost inaccessible.  It's a perfect time for a thorough cleaning and your family can begin life in a clean and sterilized.

Move In

It's time to move out. Either if you are the master of the house or the tenant, you know that a clean property looks better and is easier to sell or rent. Our maids will ensure that the property is clean and disinfected from top to bottom, including appliances.

Move Out

Choosing to buy cleaning by the hour is a great way to manage your budget and your cleaning -  we can create together a priority cleaning program for your home. This way you can choose which areas of the house you want to be cleaned weekly and those less used to be cleaned monthly. Protect your budge

By the Hours

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