Cinque Terre (Italy) and my cousin Francesca

Today we will inaugurate our blog. It was a project that we kept in a drower for sometime and that finally we decided to start. What are we going to talk about? Our origin is italian, so what are we going to write about? Obviously about recipes, fine wines, well known and unknown monuments and places, about marble, art, fashion, in other words about the italian Life. We will also talk about every subjects, for example advises on how to clean perfectly bathrooms, floor surfaces, etc... If you would like to follow us, we will be proud and grateful to you Thank you


Every year, for the summer vacations, I try to go back to my second home, my mother's home in Genova, Italy. The meeting with my Italian relatives, is always a special event full of affection of remembrance of my mother's child-wood, of truthful similarities both physical and behavioral, of looking again at the pictures that remind my mother's youthful life. Pictures that I know by heart, but that every year, seen in the company of the people who shared those moments, they always produce intense emotions ("over here we were in... together with...perhaps you have met her 15 years ago when you come for the wedding of..."). Obviously every visit has its most important moment that, to honor the Italian Style, is to sit down at the table to chat, enjoying the local meals. Every relative has his/her special recipe of Genoese cuisine, a real treat. Aunt Amelia makes the Genoese ravioli which contain roast and "borragine", a typical herb from the Ligurian mountain. Aunt Giulia makes her special "trenette" with pesto.

Aunts, uncles, cousins and several relatives, everyone with a special recipe.

Soon I will draft my personal list, telling you as well my grandmother's recipes.

But the peak of the vacations is always the visit to my cousin Francesca. My favorite cousin Francesca.

Francesca lives here, in Manarola, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy.

Magical place!

Francesca met her husband from Manarola, at the University and, together, they opened a bakery. Not only they make an excellent Italian bread in different shapes, they achieve the maximum of the flavor with the Genoese focaccia, Traditional, with olives, with rosemary, with onions, the focaccia is also reserved to their clients stuffed with ham, cheeses and other ingredients. There is a line of tourist outside her bakery!!! For five days I live with her and her family. Exactly there, where you see the arrow. But the second walk is the one that will never be missing in our tradition. The path which goes from Manarola to Riomaggiore. It is called "via dell'amore", Love lane.Unfortunately this year it is still inaccessibly due to a flood which caused landslides and it is still under repair:As per tradition, we take together, two long walks along the paths of the Cinque Terre. The first one is stretches from Manarola to Corniglia, the town of the step, through olive trees, vines cultivated in terraces next to the hills (dessert wine named "Sciacchetra"), incredible small stone walls and flourishing Mediterranean vegetation. it is open only for 1/2 of mile up to the Love Bar, but insufficient for us. Sitting on the small stone wall and admiring one of the most spectacular panorama in the world, we tell each other our lives.

So, if you have in mind a trip to Italy, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Cinque Terre. Perhaps you will not be as lucky as I am to have a cousin like Francesca, but I can assure you, that you will have an exciting experience

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